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22nd February 2024 · 09:02

What is Included in a Basic House Cleaning Service?

A basic house cleaning service focuses on cleaning tasks to tidy up your home. But what exactly does a basic cleaning entail, and what can you expect from this standard cleaning package? This guide covers the key things to know about basic house cleaning services.

When hiring professional house cleaners to care for your home regularly, you can choose between basic and deep cleaning packages. While deep cleaning is more thorough, basic house cleaning hits the core areas and tasks to remove dust, dirt, and grime and keep your home tidy.

This article will outline what a basic home cleaning service typically includes, the key differences from a deep clean, what kind of schedule is ideal, what equipment your cleaner may use, and frequently asked questions on the scope of a basic cleaning. Read on to learn what goes into keeping your house clean regularly!

Key Takeaways: What Does Basic House Cleaning Include?

  • Focuses on surface tidying and cleaning floors, counters, and visible areas throughout the home

  • Vacuuming, mopping, emptying trash, wiping kitchen and bathrooms

  • The ideal frequency is weekly or biweekly, depending on household size and habits

  • It does not include deep scrubbing like appliance interiors, windows, or cabinets

  • Allows homeowners to outsource standard cleaning chores so they can enjoy free time

Hiring a reliable basic cleaning service ensures your home maintains cleanliness and visual order while freeing valuable personal time. Evaluate providers and schedules to find the best match for your home upkeep needs between deep cleans. Maintaining these simple yet consistent cleaning routines makes everyday life easier, so you waste less time on chores.

What's the Difference Between Basic Cleaning and Deep Cleaning?

To understand what basic cleaning for your home covers, it helps first to distinguish it from deep cleaning.

  • Basic cleaning focuses on general tidying and upkeep cleaning tasks throughout the home on a routine schedule. It keeps on top of daily dust and dirt buildup through quick cleaning jobs.

  • Deep cleaning is a more extensive top-to-bottom cleaning that gets into hard-to-reach nooks and crannies. It tackles grime buildup, sanitizes surfaces, and refreshes your home environment.

While a full deep clean may happen a couple of times a year, like spring cleaning, basic cleaning happens regularly, whether weekly, biweekly, or monthly. Basic cleaning keeps your home looking presentable between occasional deep cleaning sessions for constant cleanliness.

What Does a Basic Home Cleaning Service Include?

What cleaning tasks are typically included when you hire professional house cleaners for basic cleaning? Here is an overview of what generally goes into a basic cleaning package for tidying up your home regularly:

General tidying of all rooms:

  • Straightening up clutter

  • Making beds

  • Fluffing pillows

  • Vacuuming floors

  • Mopping hard floors

  • Wiping down countertops

  • Cleaning exposed surfaces

  • Removing cobwebs

  • Taking out trash


  • Cleaning countertops

  • Cleaning the exterior of appliances

  • Cleaning sink

  • Loading and running dishwasher

  • Wiping down the dining table


  • Cleaning counters and sinks

  • Cleaning exterior surfaces of toilets and tubs

  • Mirrors cleaned

  • Taking out trash

Additional services:

  • Changing sheets once a month

  • Watering plants

  • Bringing in mail/newspapers

As you can see, basic cleaning focuses on sweeping through the home to tidy up visual messes and handle daily dust and dirt. This includes general pick-up, wiped-down surfaces, floorcare through vacuuming and mopping, trash removal, and cleaning high-use rooms like kitchens and bathrooms.

Key Differences From Deep Cleaning

To give more insight into what defines a basic clean, it also helps to underline what is not included, which falls under deep cleaning tasks:

  • Does not thoroughly clean inside appliances

  • Do not clean inside kitchen cabinets or under the sink

  • Do not scrub bathrooms thoroughly - light surface cleaning only

  • Do not dust window frames or wash windows

  • Do not move large furniture to clean underneath

  • No intensive floor treatments - light mopping only

As you can see, basic cleaning does not get extremely meticulous or tackle buildup in overlooked areas. That degree of scrubbing and sanitization distinguishes deep cleaning as the more comprehensive service.

Basic cleaning focuses on keeping tidiness and visible surfaces fresh in high-traffic areas. It maintains baseline cleanliness between periodic deep cleaning sessions that revive the whole home.

What’s the Best Cleaning Schedule?

When having basic house cleaning done regularly, most professional services offer:

  • Weekly house cleaning

  • Biweekly (every two weeks) house cleaning

  • Monthly house cleaning

What frequency works best depends on how quickly dust and dirt accumulate in your home based on your household size, whether you have pets, and your overall activity level. Here are tips per schedule:

Weekly: Best for larger families and homes with pets or young children who create faster mess buildup.

Biweekly: Allows for lower frequency than weekly if you don’t create clutter and dirtiness between cleanings as quickly.

Monthly: Minimum frequency recommended as dust and dirt will become visible if left longer than a month between professional cleanings.

Discuss with your home cleaning company what they recommend for basic cleaning frequency based on your home size and household habits. Most offer weekly or biweekly as it keeps the visible tidiness in better shape before the next visit.

What Equipment Do Basic House Cleaners Use?

Professional house cleaners have high-quality cleaning tools and equipment far beyond what regular consumers buy. When your cleaning service arrives, here is some of the equipment they may unpack to tackle basic cleaning tasks:

  • Vacuum - More powerful than average with specialized attachments like crevice tools. Some bring portable vacuums to reach tight spots.

  • Mops - Spin mops and flat mops along with commercial-grade buckets and wringers.

  • Dusters - Extendable dusters to reach high places along with microfiber cloths.

  • Cleaning Cart - Custom carts with built-in shelves, hooks, and carrying capacity to transport gear room-to-room.

  • Green Cleaning Supplies - Specialty non-toxic cleaners. Some companies use all-natural products.

  • Scrub Brushes - Stiff scrub brushes for surfaces requiring extra power.

  • Glass Cleaner and Paper Towels - Commercial products to polish mirrors and windows streak-free.

This array of professional cleaning tools helps basic service efficiently tidy up your whole house. The equipment makes it faster to vacuum floors wall-to-wall, scrub surfaces germ-free, and leave your home sparkling.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is included in a basic house cleaning service?

A: A basic house cleaning service typically includes dusting, vacuuming, mopping, and cleaning bathrooms and kitchen surfaces. It might also involve making beds, emptying trash, and general tidying up.

Q: What is the difference between regular cleaning and deep cleaning?

A: Regular cleaning is the routine cleaning that consistently maintains cleanliness, while deep cleaning is a more thorough and intensive cleaning that targets areas not usually addressed during regular cleaning.

Q: What should I expect from professional house cleaners?

A: Professional house cleaners should provide a high-quality and comprehensive cleaning service, including attention to detail, professional cleaning equipment and products, and adherence to a cleaning checklist.

Q: Why is it important to differentiate between general cleaning and deep cleaning?

A: Differentiating between general (regular) cleaning and deep cleaning is important to ensure that specific cleaning needs and areas are addressed effectively, maintaining a clean and healthy living environment.

Q: What cleaning equipment is typically used for professional house cleaning?

A: Professional house cleaners use various cleaning equipment, including vacuum cleaners, mops, dusters, scrub brushes, and specialized tools for detailed and thorough cleaning.

Q: What is the scope of cleaning covered by professional cleaning services?

A: Professional cleaning services cover a wide range of cleaning needs, including regular cleaning, deep cleaning, specific room cleaning, carpet cleaning, and other specialized cleaning requirements.

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